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Upcoming Talks

Louisville DotNet

  • When: March 28th, 2024 @ TBD
  • Where: Virtual and In-Person at a TBD location in Louisville, KY, USA.
  • My Talk: TBD

Join us to discuss Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace from the requestor and reviewer side of the process. The exact date is TBD.

More details about Louisville .Net Meetup Group Opens in new window can be found on their Meetup page or on TaleLearnCode on Twitch Opens in new window & YouTube Opens in new window.

Code Louisville Office Hours 2024

  • When: April 15, 2024 @ TBD
  • Where: Virtual
  • My Talk: Neurodiversity & Networking: Breaking the Awkward Silence

Everyone is neurodiverse because we all think about the world a little differently. Our minds perceive things differently because our brains each process information in a slightly unique way. Even more so when you consider that we each have different lived experiences that have shaped our perceptions and mannerisms.

At the same time, we understand the importance of networking in our personal & professional lives. However, making the necessary connections can be difficult when you feel like you are too different from everyone else.

Join me as we discuss the challenges, particularly with regards to cognitive differences and disability, that you may experience with networking. We'll learn how to fine tune how you network for you.

This talk will be open to current and past Code Louisville / Code Kentucky students, mentors, and staff.

More details will be provided as they are made available.


This is a bit of a different direction from my usual accessibility discussions. In this talk I am wanting to share about my all time favorite hobby, games.

Whether it be board games, card games, table top, Dungeons and Dragons, or video games. I absolutely love games! Games of all sorts can be amazing ways to form new connections, let off some steam at the end of a long day, or just keep your mind busy. It is no wonder there are some positive health benefits to be had from a variety of games.

However, it can be difficult sometimes to find a game that works for you, and not just because it may be hard to find the type of game that works for you. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the game you physically can play. Games can be inaccessible just like the rest of society. They can have barriers that prevent people from participating.

In this talk, I'll share:

  • What barriers can exist in games
  • What accessibility options are already being used for a variety of game platforms
  • Things you can do to make your existing games accessible to your friends
  • Resources for helping you find games you can all enjoy

This talk will be open to attendees of OMG!Con Opens in new window. More details will be provided as they are made available.

KCDC 2024

Let's learn what it means to test for Accessibility. How do we determine what is accessible? What tools do we use? How do we put together a test plan?

I commend you for wanting to start this journey, and am not going to let you get lost before you've really begun. This talk aims to get you going in the right direction.

More details will be provided as they are made available. You can also learn more at the KCDC site Opens in new window.

In particular, my talk is already listed on the Session List page under the Testing and QA category Opens in new window.

KYSHRM 2024 - 40th Annual Conference

  • When: August 27th - 29th, 2024 (Exact Date/Time TBD)
  • Where: Galt House Hotel
  • My Talk: Increasing Potential through Reasonable Accommodations

During this talk we will delve into:

  • what reasonable accommodations really are
  • stomp out some of the myths you might have heard
  • learn how they can benefit everyone beyond the requestor
  • how to improve your reasonable accommodation process across your organization

I'll update here as more details are made available, and you can learn more at the official KYSHRM Conference site Opens in new window.

Code Louisville Monday Night Guest Speaker Series 2024

  • When: TBD 2024
  • Where: Virtual
  • My Talk: Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace

I plan to use my Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace talk, but with greater focus on the requestor side.

This talk will be open to current and past Code Louisville / Code Kentucky students, mentors, and staff.

More details will be provided as they are made available. In the mean time visit Code:You Opens in new window to learn more about Code Louisville, Code Kentucky, and emPower:Up programs and how they help empower individuals to work towards new career goals.

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