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CorgiDev Thoughts

Alternate Conformant Versions?

Alternate conformant versions is an important part of any Accessibility audit. When checking for this, an auditor is checking if inaccessible materials have an accessible alternate version identified. If an accessible alternative is available, an auditor can choose to skip any further accessibility checks on the non-conformant content and instead assess the accessibility of the conformant version.

A great example of content that has an alternate conformant version, is the Microsoft Product Adoption Guides. If you select to view an individual guide, you are initially taken to an interactive booklet version. The booklet is not Accessible. However, at the top of the page, there is a link to a PDF version of the same content that is accessible.

Interactive booklet of the Microsoft 365 Accessibility Adoption Guide with a link to a pdf version at the top of the page, and buttons to control interaction with the booklet at the bottom of the page.