Accessibility Resources and Information

Why A11y?

You may have seen the name of this page and been slightly confused. Why A11y instead of Accessibility? A11y is a numeronym for the word Accessibility. A numeronym is where you form an abbreviation for a word by replacing some letters with numbers. The end word may, or may not, be pronounced similar to the full word.

A11y stands for the fact that Accessibility begins with the letter A, ends with the letter Y, and has 11 characters in between.

Guidelines & Standards

WCAG 2.1
WCAG stands for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. These are international guidelines developed by the W3C. Version 2.1 was released in June 2018.
Section 508
Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, handles accessibility of information and technology. They primarily apply to federal agencies and contractors. Section 508 received a refresh in January 2017.
BBC Global Experience Language (GEL)
This page is where the BBC stores all of their UX/UD guidelines, tutorials, and more for everyone to view and benefit from.
BBC Global Experience Language
This page highlights all of the UX Guidelines followed by the BBC. They are a great example of clear guidelines that help to improve the user experience for everyone visiting their sites.
HTML5 Accessibility
This page shows well various browsers support Accessibility.
Visa Global Accessibility Requirements (VGAR)
A set of 120+ requirrements crafted by Visa Developers and Designers to help maintain Accessibility compliance.
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Learning Opprotunities

UEB Online
A free online course in Braille. Great for those who just wish to learn or those who wish to make Braille a part of their career.
Treehouse Course - Web Accessibility Compliance
This course provides a wonderful overview of Accessibility standards, guidelines, methods, testing, and more. This course requires a Treehouse subscription for access. If you live near Louisville, KY, you may be able to get a free subscription through the Louisville Free Public Library.
Accessibility & Inclusion Trailmix
A custom Trailmix I made on Salesforce's Trailhead learning platform that consists of various Accessibility and Inclusion related content I have been completing.
Custom Pluralsight Accessibility Channel
A custom playlist of Accessibility courses and videos I have found on Pluralsight.
Accessibility Collection on Microsoft Learn
A custom collection of Accessibility content I have found on the Microsoft Learn site.
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Information Resources

Moritz Geissmann's Accessibility Cheatsheet
This is an awesome cheat sheet made by Moritz Geissman. It makes for a great condensed poster you can have available for quick reference.
8 Steps to Inclusive Web Design
The 8 steps in this article give you a good idea of how to prepare to design an accessible site.
APH Accessibility Hub
An awesome resource created by the Accessibility Comittee at the American Printing House for the Blind.
American Printing House for the Blind
The American Printing House is an amazing non-profit that specializes in educational aids, books, audio content, and more for indiviudals with visual accessibility needs. They have been serving the blind and visually impaired community for over 160 years. You can learn about visual accessibility in so many ways from them.
VisionAware is a great resource for those in the process of losing their sight, as well as their friends and family.
BBC's My Web My Home page
This page is archived and no longer being updated, but still serves as a great reference page to see Accessibility information divided up into different categories based on need.
Dos and Don'ts on Designing for Accessibility
This is a great blog post of some example dos and don'ts to keep in mind when designing for Accessibility, and some amazing reference posters.
Deque - Beginner's Guide to Accessibility
Deque is an Accessibility focused company whose Accessibility Assesment application, Axe, is a part of many other well known Accessibility assessment tools, including the Lighthouse tab in Google Chrome's Developer Tools and Microsoft's Accessibility Insights. In this article, they break down some information that is important for anyone wanting to learn more about Accessibility.
Assistive Technology Industry Association(ATiA)
This page lists some great information about Assistive Technologies and the Assistive Technology Industry Association.
Geri Reid - UI & UX Designer
Geri Reid has some wonderful resources under the "Work" section of her site, including an Accessibility case study, WCAG for Designers, and an article on Form Design.
Deque Blog
The Deque Blog that features articles on various topics relating to Accessibility. - Introduction to Accessibility
An awesome article by providing an introduction to Accessibility.
WebAIM - Introduction to Web Accessibility
An introduction to accessibility by WebAIM with additional links to a wealth of information and examples.
W3C - WAI - Introduction to Web Accessibility
An introduction to web accessibility by the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).
VisionCenter provides information on a wide array of vision related conditions and treatment options. Learn about everything from astigmatism, reading your vision prescription, different kinds of lenses, Lasik, how to gain access to free/low cost eye care, and more. Many of the articles have been written and/or reviewed by medical professionals with great source citing and links to information on the medical professionals.
WCAG Guide
A set of amazing virtual flash cards that can be used as a useful reference of the WCAG 2.1 Guidelines and Success Criteria.
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Adrian Roselli - Selfish Accessibility
This is Adrian Roselli's Selfish Accessibility presentation that he presented during the You Gotta Love Frontend Conference 2019.
How a Blind Developer Uses Visual Studio
This awesome video is from Microsoft Build 2017. Developer Saqib Shaikh, discusses how he uses Accessible Technology in the form of a screen reader to use Visual Studio.