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Erissa Renée Duvall


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  • Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Python
  • Libraries: JQuery, React
  • Frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation
  • Operating Systems:Windows Server, Windows, OSX, Android, iOS
  • Other Technical Skills: DISA STIGs, GPO, HBSS, Docker, GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps, Group Policy, Active Directory, Exchange 2010/2016/2019/Online, Azure, Amazon S3, AWS Route 53, Google Firebase, Azure Security, Azure SQL Server/Databases
  • Non-Technical Skills: Training coordination, technical documentation, accessibility, public speaking
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CorgiDev Site

  • Project Location:
  • Built using Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Community.
  • Site can be viewed live at
  • Site has been hosted through:
    • AWS S3 - January 2018 to April, 2020
    • Google Firebase - April 2020 to Current
  • While hosted through AWS, AWS Route 53 was used to allow use of my email in GSuite.
  • After the switch to Google Firebase for hosting, I now use GitHub Actions to automate deployment.


  • Project Location:
  • First project I worked on that used MVC.
  • Used HTML and CSS to help redesign the layout of the main page to include a search field with filters.
  • Also designed the layout of the results prior to the site being connected to a database.

CVE Search

  • Project Location:
  • Built using Python.
  • Downloads a CSV, edits the file, and then allows the user to search based on the CVE name.
  • Served as my project submission for the Code Louisville May 2020 Python Course.

Key Vault Expiration Notification

  • Project Location:
  • Built using PowerShell.
  • Performs API calls to the Azure DevOps API.
  • Uses a WIQL query to search work items sent via API call.
  • Downloads a CSV, edits the file, and then allows the user to search based on the CVE name.
  • There are 2 main folders, AzureRunbook and LocalRun, and each contains 2 scripts.
    • AzureRunbook scripts are meant to be run in an Azure Runbook.
    • LocalRun scripts are capable of being run locally.
  • Of the 2 scripts in each folder, one checks for expiring Key Vault assets and sends email notifications as needed. The other does the same, but also creates Azure DevOps work items as needed and includes that information in the notifications sent.

Azure VM Snapshot

  • Project Location:
  • Built using PowerShell.
  • Allows for the creation and deletion of snapshots of Azure VM virtual disks.
  • Formatted to be used as an Azure Runbook script.
  • Gave me experience with a variety of environments beyond just the general commercial Azure environment.
  • Learned how to force TLS use.

Hyper-V VM Scripts

  • Project Location:
  • PowerShell scripts relating to the creation, configuration, and deletion of Hyper-V VMs.
  • Learned how to use Powershell to configure Windows Features and local Group Policy.
  • Handled issues relating to TPM and secure boot required by Windows 11.
  • Learned about issues relating to Hyper-V and Windows Hello in Windows 10/11.
  • Created initially as a way to have a separate VM so I could have a secure, separate environment for work on my personal machine.

ADO Powershell Scripts

  • Project Location:
  • PowerShell scripts relating to Azure DevOps.
  • First script was one for creating work items for when you want to create a set of work items repeatedly. For example, if you have a set of repeat tasks you create every sprint.
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University of South Florida | May 2021 to November 2021

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace | May 2021
    • Course provided through the USF Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education.
    • Description per the Credly page for the certificate:
      Earners of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate, offered by the University of South Florida Muma College of Business, have learned the essential practices and tools designed to increase employee diversity and to create a business model that embraces equity and inclusion. The seven-week program, created in partnership with the Tampa Bay Lightning and Jabil, focuses on ways for organizations to create diverse workplaces, address equity issues, and foster inclusivity.
  • Inclusive and Ethical Leadership | November 2021
    • Course provided through the USF Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education.
    • Description per the Credly page for the certificate:
      Earners of the Inclusive and Ethical Leadership Certificate, offered by the University of South Florida Muma College of Business M3 Center, have gained awareness of cutting-edge research and best practices for inclusive and ethical leadership. The certificate program was divided into eight sections: Leadership Basics, Communication, Conflict Management, Ethical Leadership / Decision Making, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Innovation, Work/Family Life Balance and Self-Development.

Code Louisville | May 2017 to July 2020

  • Python | July 2020
    • Course work was a mixture of virtual class discussion using Zoom and online learning through Treehouse.
    • Created a Python app that downloads a CSV, formats it for easier searching, and then allows the user to search for CVE items based on their main label.
    • Project is contained within my CVE Search Repo on GitHub.
  • JavaScript/React | November 2018
    • Focus on JavaScript/React with API usage.
    • Course work was a mixture of in-class discussion and online learning through Treehouse.
    • Recreated my website with an additional page that uses React-Context API to have CRUD functionality, but without persistence.
    • Used Bootstrap CDN for much of the styling and React-Router-Dom for routing.
    • Used Firebase database as an API for my app to connect to.
    • Project is located in my ReactProject repo on GitHub.
  • Full-Stack JavaScript | August 2018
    • Focused on front-end/back-end development using JavaScript.
    • Course work was a mixture of in-class discussion and online learning through Treehouse.
    • Created a CRUD application as my final project, which is located in my animalDex repo on GitHub.
  • C#/.Net Development | March 2018
    • Focused on C#/.Net development on the front-end and back-end of a project.
    • Course work was a mixture of in-class discussion and online learning through Treehouse.
    • Created a CRUD application as my final project, which is located in my StaffDirectoryProject repo on GitHub.
  • Front-End Web Design | August 2017
    • Focused on Front-End Web Design technologies (i.e. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)
    • Course work was a mixture of in-class discussion and online learning through Treehouse.
    • Created a project, which became my live site at

Western Kentucky University | Bachelor of Arts | May 2012

  • Majored in Sociology with a minor in Criminology
  • Member of Alpha Kappa Delta (National Sociological Honor Society)
  • Studied abroad at Kansai Gaidai in Osaka, Japan for the Fall 2010 semester.
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Accessibility Engineer - QA | CVS Health | August 2022 to Current

  • Partner with Engineering QA in building A11y into manual and automated testing by:
    • helping understand how users experience products using Assistive Technology
    • helping understand what to test for and how to test to ensure feature functionality meets A11y AC (Acceptance Criteria)
    • manually testing key feature functionality to ensure A11y AC is met
  • Partner with Engineering QA during testing, ensuring A11y AC is being met by:
    • ensuring feature functionality has A11y AC written / available
    • helping engineering QA team understand the A11y AC
    • answering technical how-to questions on testing A11y for Web, IOS & Android apps
    • helping engineering QA test and validate A11y AC
  • Support 3rd-Party Audits by:
    • reviewing 3rd-Party findings, test results
    • re-test, verify reported findings if reported issue is questionable
    • create A11y user stories, defects for A11y findings
    • help triage, prioritize A11y issues with product and provide A11y context, guidance on how to remediate A11y findings
  • Analyze validation test results looking for:
    • training opportunities
    • engineering methods needing correction
    • components needing a11y refinements
    • processes lacking appropriate a11y support
  • Attend relevant stand-ups and status meetings.

Quality Analyst | GoodMaps | January 2022 to Current

  • Manually test GoodMaps products' development work against defined product vision requirements and acceptance criteria, mainly (but not limited to): usability, functionality, stability, performance, aesthetics, and security.
  • Travel to mapped buildings to test navigational accuracy, test user experience scenarios, collect results, and provide reporting.
  • Derive quantitative and qualitative insights about usage, stability, and performance.
  • Communicate directly with customers about their product issues through user testing.
  • Identify, escalate, and help to resolve new bugs by monitoring and analyzing product usage
  • Collaborate with agile team to prevent bugs and create an efficient process for fixing bugs when they do occur.
  • Switched from full-time to part-time in August 2022 to help lessen the burden of me transitioning out.

Site Reliability Engineer | CloudFit Software LLC. | June 2018 to December 2021

  • Originally employed with Composable Systems LLC, which merged with CloudFit Software in August 2018 and took on the CloudFit name.
  • Support the Microsoft Fast Track Orchestration Portal team in a DevOps capacity as needed, including:
    • Set up new branch policies in Azure DevOps to ensure more consistent and secure merging of pull requests prior to deployment to staging.
    • Documented previously undocumented regression testing procedures.
    • Merged in pull requests to various branches and ensure updating of configuration files as needed.
    • Looking for more ways to use Azure services to further DevOps initiatives.
    • Helped to improve Onboarding procedures and documentation.
    • Built an Azure Runbook with PowerShell to check for expiring Key Vault Assets, send E-Mail notification on said assets, and create corresponding work items in Azure DevOps as needed.
  • Assisted on an internal database migration by writing SQL scripts that migrated data from an old Azure SQL database to a new one with an updated schema.
  • Assisted a Agricultural/Rural Financial client in a QA rolefrom January to November 2019.
  • Was a proud part of the CloudFit Software Federal division as a SRE.
  • Presented to the company twice on Accessibility best practices and general knowledge.
  • Created set of documentation for personal use that helped describe how to create Accessible versions of various document types and then shared it companywide.
  • These accessibility materials can be viewed in my A11y-Materials GitHub repository.

Computer Support Specialist | American Printing House f/t Blind | April 2015 to June 2018

  • Learned about common issues with Accessibility, and ways to improve it in development, tech support, and general communication.
  • Continually reformatting departmental technical documentation to improve consistency and clarity. I also better documented various processes that were previously undocumented and did a complete redo of the Network Administrator handbook.
  • Administered SharePoint and assisted with HTML/CSS edits where needed to improve Accessibility and maintain the CTS department's page.
  • Assisted with 3 major projects:
    • Windows 10 Rollout
      • Organized testing for Windows 10 roll out to identify and resolve possible issues before a formal roll out.
      • Provided accessible one on one and group training for the Windows 10 roll out.
      • Training was very well received and resulted in only two users out of approximately 350 needing any additional one on one training.
    • Office 2011 to 2016 Upgrade
      • Provided accessible one on one and group training related to the Microsoft 365 switch with particular focus on Accessibility features.
      • Provided a separate Outlook Online/Desktop client presentation to assist when we moved email to Exchange Online.
      • Created a multi-volume series of documentation on Office 2016 that was shared to the company through SharePoint.
    • Konica to Cannon Copier Transition
      • Worked directly with department heads and Canon representatives to assist with a smooth transition from Konica copiers to Canon copiers.
      • Removed Konica copiers to Shipping
      • Factory reset all old copiers
      • Ensured proper placement
      • organized training sessions
      • Acted as the primary point of contact for colleagues needing assistance with the new copiers
      • Set up GPOs to automatically add printers to user machines without having to do so manually

Rep I - Internet/Phone Repair | Charter Communications | January 2015 to April 2015

  • Improved my knowledge of network infrastructure and VOIP phone systems.
  • Utilized the Avaya soft/hard phone to process calls.
  • Processed account payments and helped to troubleshoot telephone and internet service issues for clients.

Library Technology Assistant | Western Kentucky University | October 2012 to January 2015

  • Volunteered during Master Plan week in 2013 to assist with move in parking. Used it as an opportunity to help students with their IT needs and serve as a positive first point of contact for new students and their parents.
  • Joined the Library Statistics Work Group in 2013 to work closer with the various library departments to streamline their statistics and improve how we gathered them.
  • Redesigned online forms used to gather Library Statistics. This involved the use of a WYSIWYG editor and some HTML and JavaScript edits.
  • Redesigned the Excel spreadsheet reports used to display the statistics gathered from the forms.

Student Lab Consultant | Western Kentucky University | January 2010 to October 2012

  • Primary responsibility was the monitoring of the computer labs, and assisting the patrons visiting.
  • Consistently sought out new responsibilities to learn and grow, which resulted in my supervisor recommending me for the Library Technology Assistant position when it became available.
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PowerPoints from presentations listed below are stored in my A11y-Materials GitHub repository.

Code Louisville QA Mentor

  • Volunteering as a mentor for the QA Course offered by Code Louisville during the August 2022 session.
  • Plan to discuss my experience with Accessibility QA work during the session to introduce students to Accessibility early.

Code Louisville Front-End/Web Development Mentor

  • Volunteered as a mentor for the Front-End Web Development Course offered by Code Louisville during the May 2020 session.
  • The May 2020 session was the first virtual session due to the COVID-19 epidemic. As a result, the other mentors and I were given the opportunity to help shape how we would mentor virtually rather than in-person.
  • Built out a Front-End Development Wiki for all Front-End classes to make use of in my personal Repo. It was later copied over to the official Code Louisville GitHub so they could use it for future classes.
  • Lead the class in a discussion of Accessibility using my presentation, Introduction to Accessible Web Design, which I uploaded to LinkedIn's SlideShare.

Accessibility Testing 101

  • Presented at following location(s):
  • The talk was an introductory discussion on Accessibility testing.
  • Particularly focused on:
    • Defining Accessibility and Disability
    • Social Model of Disability (looking beyond medical conditions)
    • Why we accessibility test
    • What do we use to define how accessible something is (Guidelines, Regulations, User Feedback, and more)
    • Considerations when building your text plan and example test plans available to the public
    • Tools & Resources available that won't break the bank and will help you learn more

Pour One Out for A11y Presentation

  • Presented at the following location(s):
  • The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) have become the baseline for most Accessibility regulations and standards relating to digital content. WCAG is an expansive topic in and of itself. To help you get started on your journey to learning more; we will first start with the 4 core principles used to categorize the WCAG Guidelines, also known as the POUR Principles.

Accessible Support and Technology Presentation

  • Presented at 3 locations:
  • Sought to help people be more aware of how important accessibility is, teach ways they can keep accessibility in mind wherever they go, and make the entire subject a little less overwhelming.
  • Based off my personal experiences in academia and working at the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, KY.

Introduction to Accessibility Presentation

  • This is an updated version of my previous talk with new categories added and additional details not previously included.
  • Presented at following location(s):
  • A general overview of the topic of Accessibility. Covers the general idea of what Accessibility is, its importance, the value it has for everyone, and ways anyone can work towards improving it everywhere.
  • The Tech Foundations meetup was a shortened form of the presentation to account for me sharing the time with another speaker named Tyler Mullins, and to avoid excessive overlap between our presentations.
  • The CloudFit Software presentation was a shortened version I did to introduce some of my colleagues to ways they could improve accessibility in their work.

Networking for Personal and Professional Growth Presentation

  • Presented at following location(s):
  • The talk was a general overview of the benefits of Networking both on a professional and personal level.
  • Particularly focused on:
    • Personal and Professional networking are not always mutually exclusive.
    • Navigating barriers to networking that a person with PTSD, anxiety, or other accessibility concerns may face.
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Certification TitleDate IssuedIssued ByExpiration DateVerification InformationBadge or Icon
Accessibility in Action Badge April 27th, 2020 Microsoft Accesibility Not Applicable Verify Accessibility in Action on Credly Achievement in Accessibility - Accessibility in Action Badge
Trusted Tester July 8th, 2020 Department of Homeland Security Office of Accessible Systems & Technology Not Applicable Trusted Tester Certification Number: TT-2007-01048 Certified Department of Homeland Security Trusted Tester Badge
AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals Certification June 20th, 2021 Microsoft June 20th, 2023 Verify AZ-900 Certification on Credly Azure Fundamentals Badge
Diveristy, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate May 5th, 2021 University of South Florida Muma College of Business Not Applicable Verify Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion certificate on Credly Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace badge
Inclusive and Ethical Leadership Certificate November 15th, 2021 University of South Florida Muma College of Business Not Applicable Verify Inclusive and Ethical Leadership Certificate on Credly Inclusive and Ethical Leadership badge
WAI0.1x: Introduction to Web Accessibility January 3rd, 2022 W3Cx Not Applicable Verify Introduction to Web Accessibility certificate on edX No badge available

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